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Aisay Sawan Ki Phowar Jisay Khushb - by Sameer

Aisay Sawan Ki Phowar

Jisay Khushbo Ka Sandaysa

Jaisay Chahaton Ka Deep

Jaisay Samandar Muhabatoon Ka

Jaisay Hijar Aur Wisal Ka Pur Kaif Mousam

Jaisay Soraj Ki Pehli Kiran

Jaisay Gulab Ki Pankhari

Jaisay Motiyoon Ki Khushbo


Ab Bhi Nahi Manti Tum

Tu Suno

Tum Mairay Liye Zindagi Main

*Basti Roh Ki Manind Ho*


Added on 16/01/2017

Izhaar Mujhe Kuchh Alfaz De Do K - by Sameer


mujhe kuchh alfaz de do

kaise izhaar karun

ous ahsas ka jab

pahli barish ki boondein

mere wajood ke

tapte jalte mausam ko

alwida kahti hain…!!!!


Added on 16/01/2017

Bikhri Hui Zulfon Ko Jageer Bana Lo, - by EverGreensms.com

Bikhri hui zulfon ko jageer bana lo,

Rakhna hai mujhe qaid to zanjeer bana lo,

Kagaz pe lakeeren to bahut kheench li tumne,

Ab sab ko mila kar meri tasveer bana lo.

Added on 16/01/2017

Saans Lene Se Bhi Teri Yaad Aati Hai - by Malik javed

Saans lene se bhi teri yaad aati hai,

Har saans mein teri khushboo bas jati hai,

Kese kahoon ki saans se main zinda hoon,

Jab ki saans se pehle teri yaad aati hai.

Added on 16/01/2017

Paon Phelay To Pher Dekhi Na Chadar - by EverGreensms.com

Paon phelay to pher dekhi na chadar ham ny.

Tujko chaha to phr okaat say barh kr chaha

Added on 16/01/2017

Dil Apun Se Bola, Quot;kidhar Jane - by EverGreensms.com

Dil apun se bola,

"Kidhar jane ka Janat Ya Dozakh"

Apun bola"DOZAKH"

U Know apun asa q bola?

Becoz apun ko maloom tha k tm sala dost log wahin mile ga

Bole to ... jidhar apun ka dost udahr apun ki janat

" Love u Friends"


Added on 16/01/2017

5 Frogs Are Sitting On A Log. 4 Dec - by Khalid Javid

5 Frogs Are Sitting On a Log.

4 Decide To Jump Off.

How many Are Left?





Still 5 left.



Moral: There is a Lot of Difference Between Deciding and Doing.

Added on 14/01/2017

Take This Stress Test By Answering 2 - by Khalid Javid

Take This Stress Test by Answering 2 Questions...


1. Which Mouse has Two Legs?




Ans. Mickey Mouse.


2. Which Duck has 2 legs?




If you answered Donald Duck,

You Are Under Stress.

Because All Ducks have Two Legs.

So Please Chill out and Enjoy.

Added on 14/01/2017

1 Badshah Ne Apny Wazir Ko Ek Angoot - by Khalid Javid

1 BADSHAH ne Apny Wazir ko Ek Angoothi di.

Aur kaha k is Ring par ek Aisa Lafz likho, Jis ko main agr Khushi main dekhon to Ghamgeen ho jaon,

Aur Agar Ghum main dekhon to Khush ho jaon.

Ab bataen k Wazir Ring pe kon sa Lafz likhay ga?





Answer : Vazir Us per Likhega Maut

Kyoki Khush Insaan Maut dekh kar Gamgeen ho jayega.

or Gamgeen Insaan maut dekhkar khush ho jayega.

Added on 14/01/2017

A Man Walks Into His Bathroom And Sh - by Khalid Javid

A man walks into his bathroom and shoots himself right between the eyes using a real gun with real bullets.

He walks out alive, with no blood anywhere.

And no, he didn't miss and he wasn't Superman or any other caped crusader.

How did he do this?










Answer: He shoots him in the Mirror

Added on 14/01/2017

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