There Be None Of Bea

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There be none of Bea

There Be None Of Beauty’s Daughters
With Music Like Thee;
And Like Music On The Waters
Is They Sweet Voice To Me:
When, As If Its Sound Were Causing
The Charmed Ocean’s Pausing ,
The Waves Lie Still And Gleaming ,
And The Lull’d Winds Seem Dreaming.

And The Midnight Moon Is Weaving
Her Bright Chain O’er The Deep;
Whose Breast Is Gently Heaving,
As An Infant’s Asleep:
So The Spirit Bows Before Thee,
To Listen And Adore Thee;
With A Full But Soft Emotion,
Like The Swell Of A Summer’s Ocean.

Lord Byron

Posted on : [27/04/2011]
Posted by : Ayesha Noman
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