Bright Star Would I

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Bright Star would I

Bright Star, Would I Were Stedfast As Thou Art -
Not In Lone Splendour Hung Aloft The Night
And Watching , With Ete
al Lids Apart,
Like Nature’s Patient, Sleepless Eremite,
The Moving Waters At Their Priestlike Task
Of Pure Ablution Round Earth’s Human Shores,
Or Gazing On The New Soft-fallen Mask
Of Snow Upon The Mountains And The Moors -
No – yet Still Stedfast , Still Unchangeable,
Pillow’d Upon My Fair Love’s Ripening Breast,
To Feel For Ever Its Soft Fall And Swell,
Awake For Ever In A Sweet Unrest,
Still, Still To Hear Her Tender-taken Breath,
And So Live Ever – Or Else Swwon To Death.

Posted on : [27/04/2011]
Posted by : Ayesha Noman
Mobile # : +92300412200
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