Your Relation Is Lik

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Your relation is lik

Your Relation Is Like Paktel

ââ.¬Å.dil To 1 Hayââ.¬Â

Your Ove Like Telenor

ââ.¬Å.Chaho Kuch Barh Kââ.¬Â

Your Sincerety Like Haleeb

ââ.¬Å.garah To Hayââ.¬Â

Your Smile Like Twist

ââ.¬Å.Hila K Rakh Deââ.¬Â

your Style Like Ufone

ââ.¬Å.Tum Hi To Hoââ.¬Â

Your Personality Lika Bonanza

ââ.¬Å.Absolutely Worldclassââ.¬Â

My Response Like Lipton

ââ.¬Å.Yehi To Hai Wo Apnapunââ.¬Â

aur Apnaypun K Sath

Eid Mubarak

Posted on : [14/03/2011]
Posted by : Jawad Mughal
Mobile # : +923214172683
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