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Teacherhome work Kyn

Teacher :

home Work Kyn Nh Kia,

Student :

sir Light Nhn Thi,

Teacher :

mom Bati Jaa Lyte,

Student , Sir Machis Nhn Thi,

teacher; Machis Kyn Nhn Thi,

student, Sir Jis Room Main Ibadat Krte Hen Us Main Rakhi Thi,

Teacher : To Wahan Se Ly Ate

Student , Sir Nahaya Hua Nhn Tha,

Teacher , To Nahaye Kyn Nhn The,

Student , Sir Pani Nhn Tha,

Teacher , Pani Kyn Nhn Tha,

Student , Sir Motor Nhn Chal Rahi Thi,

Teacher , Ulloo Ke Pathe ,Motor Kyn Nhn Chal Rahi Thi,

Sir,, Sir Bataya To Hai Ke Light Nhn Thi,


Posted on : [14/03/2011]
Posted by : Jawad Mughal
Mobile # : +923214172683
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