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Like the term demand

Like The Term 'demand', The Term 'supply' Is Also Often Misused In The Ordinary Language. Supply Of Acommodity Is Often Confused With The 'stock' Of That Commodity Available With The Producers. Stock 'of A Commodity, More Or Less, Will Equal The Total Quantity Produced During A Period Less The Quantityalready Sold Out. But We Know That The Producers Do Not Offer Whole Of Their Stocks For Sale In Themarket, A Part Of Industrial Produces Is Kept Back In Godowns And Is Offered For Sell In The Marketwhen It Can Fetch Better Prices, In Other Words The Amount Offered For Sale May Be Less (or At The Mostin Rare Circumstances Equal To) Than The Stocks Of The Commodity. The Term 'supply' Shows Arelationship Between Quantity And Price. By Supply We Mean Various Quantities Of A Commodity Whichproducers Will Offer For Sale At A Particular Time At Various Corresponding Prices. In Simple Words,supply ( Like Demand ) Refers To The Quantity Of Commodity Offered For Sale At Some Price During Agiven Period Of Time

Posted on : [08/06/2011]
Posted by : junaid
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