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TEACHR to a grlWho c

TEACHR To A Grl:Who Created D Earth?

(Boy Pokes Da Grl's Bak Wid A Pen)

GIRL: Oh God !

TEACHR:Gud. Correct Ans!!

TEACHR:Who Ws BORN On 25 Dec?

......(Boy Pokes Her Agn)

Girl: Oh Jesus !

TEACHR:Very Gud. Correct Ans!

TEACHR:Wot Did Eve Tell Adam Wen Dey Had Their 17th Baby?

(Boy Pokes Her Bak Agn)

Girl-If U Dnt Stop Inserting Dat Thng In2 Me Nw.. I'll Brek Dat Into 2 Pieces....

Teachr Faintd!! ;-)

Posted on : [25/07/2011]
Posted by : EverGreensms.com
Mobile # : 03132173837
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