Interviewer Let Me Check Your

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Interviewer Let me check your

Interviewer : Let Me Check your English...Tell Me The Opposite Of Good

Sardar: Bad

Interviewer : Come

Sardar: Go

Interviewer : Ugly

Sardar: Pichlli

Interviewer : PICHLLI?

Sardar: UGLY

Interviewer : Shut Up

Sardar: Keep Talking

Interviewer : Ok Now Stop It

Sardar: Ok Now Carry On

Interviewer : Abay Chup Ho Ja....chup Ho Ja....chup Ho Jaa

Sardar: Abe Bolta Reh....bolta Rah....bolta Reh

Interviewer : Are yaar

Sardaar: Are Dushman

Interviewer : Get Out

Sardar: Come In

Interviewer : U R Rejected

Sardaar: I M Selected...bale Bale

Posted on : [05/09/2011]
Posted by : Abbas khan
Mobile # : 03439305450
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