Definition In HTML A

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Definition In HTML a

Definition : In HTML, A Marquee Is A Small Section Of The Browser Window That Displays Text That Rolls Across The Screen. This Tag Works Only In INTERNET Explorer.


The Tag Creates A Horizontal Line In An HTML Page.


The Tag Defines An Unordered (bulleted) List.


The Tag Defines An HTML Table.

An HTML Table Consists Of The Element And One Or More , , And Elements.

Img Src?

The Tag Defines An Image In An HTML Page.

The Tag Has Two Required Attributes: Src And Alt.

Frame Src?

The Tag Defines One Particular Window (frame) Within A .

Each In A Can Have Different Attributes, Such As Border, Scrolling, The Ability To Resize, Etc.

What Do you Know About INTERNET?

This Site Is An In-depth Reference About The INTERNET. It Was First Published On The Web On January 7, 2000, And Last Updated April 10, 2011. The Content Has Benefited From The Input Of Many Of The People That Helped Invent The INTERNET.

What Do you Know About Web Page?

A Web Page Or Webpage Is A Document Or Information Resource That Is Suitable For The World Wide Web And Can Be Accessed Through A Web Browser And Displayed On A Monitor Or Mobile Device.

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