Marriage Is Not A Wo



Marriage is not a wo

Marriage Is Not A Word. It's A Sentence ....(a Life Sentence !).

Marriage Is A 3-ring Circus - Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring And Suffering .

☻A Happy Marriage Is A Matter Of Give And Take; The Husband Gives And The Wife Takes.

☻A Woman Was Telling Her Friend , "It Was I Who Made My Husband A Millionaire."
"And What Was He Before you Married Him?" Asked The Friend.
The Woman Replied, " A Multi-millionaire".

☻There Was This Woman Who Had An Artist Paint A Portrait Of Her Covered With The Most Amazingly Beautiful And Expensive Jewels.
Her Explanation - "If I Die And My Husband Re-marries, I Want His Next Wife To Go Crazy Looking For The Jewels."

Posted on : [04/10/2007]
Posted by : yasir_g
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