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This Is A Message

This Is A Message

From A

Friend To A

Friend For A

Friend To Be A

Friend So That A

Friend Remains A

Friend Of A

Friend Who Is A

Friend Forever.

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This Is The Close Relationship

What's The Meaning Of Friendship ?

This Is The Close Relationship

In Which We Want To Gossip


It's The Life Ship

B Coz In Life,friend's The Ship

Frinds'r Bound Like Jip.

Friendship 's The Life's Success Tip.

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Make A Heart Which Never Breaks

Make A Heart Which Never Breaks,

Make A Smile Which Never Hurts,

Make A Touch Which Never Pains,

Make A Friendship Which Never Ends

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Frindship Opens Many Doors

Frindship Opens Many Doors Each With A Different

View But None Could Be More Beautiful View

Than The Door That Leads To U

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Be Slow In Choosing A Friend

Be Slow In Choosing A Friend & Slower While Loosing

Them Bcoz Friendship Is Not An Opportunity Its A

Sweet Responsibility.

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Sacrifice Is Greater Than Love

Sacrifice Is Greater Than Love,

Character Is Greater Than Beauty;

Humanity Is Greater Than Wealth,

But Nothing Is Greater Than Friendship .

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Love,Smile,Pleasure And Friendship

LOVE: Increase Ur Heart Value

SMILE: Increase Ur Face Value

PLEASURE: Increase Ur Mind Value

FRIENDSHIP: Increase Ur Life Value

U R Good Friend

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