MAA OR BAAP Maa Thndi Chaon He

Mothers Day


MAA OR BAAP Maa thndi chaon he


Maa Thndi Chaon He

To Baap Ghna Drkht

Maa K Peron Taly Jannat He

To Baap K Pehlu Me Jannat

Maa K Bagher Ghar Soona He

To Baap K Bager Zindg¡ Viraan

Maa Muhabt Ka Darya He

To Baap Shfqt Ka Smndr

Maa Aulad Ki Rafeeq He

To Baap Aulad K Lye Shafeeq

Maa Tohfa-e Khuda Wndi He To Baap Rhmate Khuda Wndi

Meri Maa Mera Fkhr He

ör Mera Baap Mera Gurur

Meri Maa Meri Mnzil He


Mera Baap Mera Rasta

I Love My Mother And Father

Posted on : [10/12/2009]
Posted by : Muhammad Nawaz
Mobile # : 03332838000
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