For Those Who Dnt Kn

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For those who dnt kn

For Those Who Dnt Knw Who Zubair Is-
- Zubair Nvr Wet His Bed As A Child. The Bed Wet Itslf In Fear.
-Once The Facebuk Foundr Hospitalizd Due To Shock.. Bcoz Zubair P0ked Him.
-Once Zubair Participated In A Race. He Came 1st. Einstien Died Aftr Wtchng Dat, Bcoz..Light Came 2nd.
-Whn Zubair Was In Clas 3, Teachr Told Him To Write An Esay On Anythng..2day Dat Esay Is Knwn As WIKIPEDIA
zubair Once Wrote His Auto Biography. 2day That Book Is Known As GUINIESE BOOK OF WORLD RECORD..
Zubair Once Hit A Six.And That Ball Is 2day Known As PLUTO.

Posted on : [20/01/2011]
Posted by : Zubair Anjum
Mobile # : 03325183093
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