Blenders You Need On

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Blenders You need on

? Blenders .
You Need One, But you?re Not Quite Sure Why.

? Chocolate Bars.
Sweet, Smooth , And They Usually Head Right For your Hips.

? Coffee .
The Best Ones Are Rich, Warm, And Can Keep you Up All Night Long.

? Commercials .
You Can?t Believe A Word They Say.

? Computers .
Hard To Figure Out And Never Have Enough Memory.

? Coolers .
Load Them With Beer And you Can Take Them Anywhere.

? Copiers.
You Need Them For Reproduction, But That?s About It.

? Curling Irons.
They?re Always Hot, And They?re Always In your Hair.

? Gove
ment Bonds.
They Take Way Too Long To Mature.

? Horoscopes.
They Always Tell you What To Do And Are Usually Wrong.

? Lava Lamps.
Fun To Look At, But Not All That Bright.

? Mascara.
They Usually Run At The First Sign Of Emotion.

? Parking Spots.
The Good Ones Are Already Taken And The Ones That Are Left Are Either Handicapped Or Extremely Small.

? PopCORN.
They Satisfy you, But Only For A Little While.

? Weather.
Nothing Can Be Done To Change Either One Of Them.

Posted on : [26/02/2011]
Posted by : Aamna Aamna
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