Late Bed Wakings Sli

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Late Bed Wakings Sli

Late Bed Wakings ,
Slight Breakfasts ,
Bus Stand Figures ,
Foot Board Travels ,
Late Attendance ,
Long Intervals ,
Sharing Canteen Foods,
Many Proposals,
Mobiles In Silent Mode,
Late Night Chats,
Some Misunderstandings,
Correcting Friends,
For Exams Micro Slips,
Struggle For Marks,
Prestige In Arrears,
Mass Bunk,
Saturday Movies,
Enjoying Arguments,
Freshers With Fear.
Farewell With Tears.
?College Life Is Nothing But Heaven?.
Exclusively youth.

Posted on : [26/02/2011]
Posted by : Aamna Aamna
Mobile # : 123334444
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