Everything Pains And What Is N

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Everything pains and what is n

Everything Pains And What Is Not Paining you Know Is Not Working .

The Glimpse In your Eye Is Actually A Sunray From your Glasses ,

U Feel Like The MORNING After Although you Have Been Nowhere ,

Your Only Appointment In your Diary Starts With Dr.

You Get Short Of Breath From Plying Poker And

your Children Is Starting To Look Middle Aged To you,

When you Need A Pair Of Spectacles To Look For your Other Pair

your Nose Is All That Runs, your Legs Cannot Any More!

Your Back Goes More Out Than you Actually Go yourself

When you Bite Into A Steak your Teeth Stays Behind,


Posted on : [25/05/2007]
Posted by : Niaz ur Rahman
Mobile # : 03013013280
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