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(1) Hajj (pilgrimage

Hajj (pilgrimage of Ka'ba in Mecca) made Obligatory by Allah, Interest is prohibited in Islam

Deputation Tai, Hamadan, Bani Asad and Bani Abbas, all accept Islam, Deputation from Ghuttan accepts Islam

Departure from Medina for Mecca for Hajjatul-Wida (Farewell Pilgrimage)

Entry into Mecca for Hajjatul-Wida (Farewell Pilgrimage)

Hajjatul-Wida, departure for 'Arafat, Farewell Sermon Received the last revelation from Allah

RETURN from Mana, Hajjatul-Wida

Arrival of deputations from Nakha' Last deputation received by the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him

(2) Ghazwa of Muta G

Ghazwa of Muta

Ghazwa (Battle) of Mecca and Fall of Mecca

Ghazwa (Battle) of Hunain (or Autas or Hawazan) and Ghazwa (Battle) of Ta'if

Arrival in Ja'rana Deputation from Hawazan accepts Islam

Regular establishment of Department of Zakat (Alms) and Sadaqa (Charity), and appointment of administrative officers

Deputation from Ghadra accepts Islam

Deputation from Balli accepts Islam

Ummul-Muminin Hadrat Mariya, may Allah be pleased with her, gave birth to a son, Hadrat Ibrahim, may Allah be

pleased with him

Ghazwa (Battle) of Tabuk, the last great battle lead by the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him

Ordinance of Jizya, tax on non-believers seeking protection from Muslims and exemption from military service in defense

of the country they were living in as its citizens

Pilgrimage JOURNEY of Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddique, may Allah be pleased with him

(3) Arrival at Medina

Arrival at Medina after the first Friday Prayer at Quba's Mosque

Construction of the Holy Prophet's Mosque at Medina. Hadrat Bilal's call for Prayer (Adhan)

Brotherhood pacts between Ansar (Muslims from Medina) and Muhajirin (immigrants from Mecca)

Treaty with Jews of Medina

Permission to fight in self-defense is granted by Allah

Ghazwa (Battle) of Waddan

Ghazwa (Battle) of Safwan

Ghazwa (Battle) Dul-'Ashir

Hadrat Salman Farsi, may Allah be pleased with him, accepts Islam

Revelation and change of Qibla (direction to face for Formal Prayers, Salat) towards Ka'ba, Fasting in the month of

Ramadan becomes obligatory

Ghazwa (Battle) of Badr

Ghazwa (Battle) of Bani Salim

Initiation of Eid-ul-Fitr and Zakat-ul-Fitr (Alms at the Eid-ul-Fitr).

(4) Journey to Ta'if,

JOURNEY to Ta'if, about 40 miles from Mecca, for calling the citizens of Ta'if to Islam

JOURNEY of Mi'raj. Five daily prayers made obligatory for Muslims

Deputation from Medina accepts Islam

First Pledge of 'Aq'ba'

Second Pledge of 'Aq'ba

Hijra (migration) from Mecca to the cave of Thaur

Migration to Medina begins

(5) 80. At-Tawwab: Th

80. At-Tawwab: The One who grants repentance to whoever He willed among His creatures and accepts his repentance.

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(6) The notion that t

The notion that the public accepts or rejects anything in mode
art is merely romantic fiction. The game is completed and the trophies distributed long before the public knows what has happened.

Thomas Wolfe

(7) Accepts You As Yo

accepts You As You Are

Believes In You

Calls You Just To Say ââ.¬Å.Hi!ââ.¬Â

Doesnââ.¬â.¢t Give Up On You

Envisions The Whole Of You!

Forgives Your Mistakes

Gives Unconditionally

Helps You When You Need A Hand!

Ignores Your Little Flaws

Just Wants To Be With You

Keeps You Close To Their Heart

Loves You For Who You Are!

Makes A Difference In Your Life!

Never Judges Unfairly

Offers Support

Picks You Up When Youââ.¬â.¢re Down!

Quiets Your Fears

Raises Your Spirits

Says Nice Things About You, And

Tells You The Truth When You Need To Hear It!

Understands You

Values The Good Things In You

Walks Beside You Through Sun Or Rain!

Xplains Things You Donââ.¬â.¢t Understand

Yells When You Wonââ.¬â.¢t Listen, And

ZAPS You Back To Reality When You Need It!



A. accepts u as u r.

B. Believes in u.

C. Cals u just 2 say u Hi.

D. Doesnt give up on u.

E. Envision the whole of u.

F. Forgives ur mistakes.

G. Gives unconditionally.

H. Helps u.

I. Invites u over.

J. Just b with u.

K. Keep u close at heart.

L. Loves u 4 who u r.

M. makes a difference in ur life.

N. Never judges.

O. Offers Support.

P. Picks u up.

Q. Quiets ur fears.

R. Raises ur spirits.

S. Says nice things about u.

T. tells the truth when u needs to hear it.

U. Understands u.

V. Values u.

W. Walks beside u.

X. Xplains wat u dont understands.

Y. Yells when u dont want 2 listen.

Z. Zaps u back to reality.

(9) Laugh so hard tha

Laugh so hard that even

sorrow smiles at u!

Live life so well that even

death loves to see u live!

Fight so hard that even

fate accepts its defeat

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(10) Three Ways To Catch A Tiger :

Three Ways To Catch A Tiger :


Allow The Tiger To Catch U & Catch The Tiger


Chase The Tiger Until It Becomes Tired, Then Catch It


Catch A Cat & Beat It Until It accepts Its A Tiger

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