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(1) "O Children Of Ad

"O Children Of Adam! Keep Yourself Well Dressed

Whenever You Go To The Mosque And Eat And

Drink And Do Not Cross The Limits. Surely The

Person crossing The Limits Are Not Liked By Him."

(Chapter 17, Verse 31)

(2) Many a dreams my

Many a dreams my eyes have seen,

each waiting for the time

when a new day will dawn

to make them come true..

Waited a thousand light years,

and many aeons beyond

trudged along paths crossing

to unravel my destiny..

A fierce desire rose within me

springing from my heart

and a constantly restless mind

seeks the very near yet distant future.

A lifetime of JOURNEY ahead

a million peaks to scale

and a thousand failures in between

but still think lifeââ.¬â.¢s been worth the climbââ.¬Â

(3) It is from number

It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.

Robert Francis Kenedy

(4) what is friend sh

what is friend ship???




it is a ship loaded with "LOVE"


& "share"

.crossing the sea of heart having no wheels of "SORRY" & "THANX"

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(5) Love Is Not In Th

Love Is Not In Those

Cards N Gifts ..

It Is

...-Whn I Hold Ur Hand

While crossing D Road

N I Choose To Face D

Oncoming Traffic

-Whn My Heart Regains

A Beat After Searching

For U In A Crowd

-Whn Just 1 Look Assures

Me That U Won't Leaave Me

-Whn U Speak For Hours

For No Reason

-Whn U Pray Secretly

That I Shud Succeed In


Love Is In Every Small

Thing, V Do N V Inspire ...

(6) Little Girl And H

Little Girl And Her Father Were crossing A Bridge.

The Father Was Kind Of Scared So He Asked His Little Daughter,

Sweetheart, Please Hold My Hand So That You Don't Fall Into The River.

The Little Girl Said, 'No, Dad. You Hold My Hand.' 'What's The Difference?

Asked The Puzzled Father.

There's A Big Difference,

Replied The Little Girl.

If I Hold Your Hand And Something Happens To Me,

Chances Are That I May Let Your Hand Go.

But If You Hold My Hand, I Know For Sure That No Matter What Happens

You Will Never Let My Hand Go.'

(7) A boy was driving

A boy was driving a car,

A girl was tring to overtake him rashly.


Girl shouts back:"u pig,donkey,stupid!"

then she accidents and hits a buffalo crossing the road.

Moral:girls never understand what boys r tring 2 say?

(8) ighly Disappointi

ighly Disappointing Situations...

1) Ur BestFRIEND Weds Ur Lover

2) 10 mark Question Asked For 1 Mark

3) Principal/Teacher Sitting Next to U On Tour :(

4) Extremley Gud Looking Girl/Guy crossing U, when U Are With Ur Mom

5) Teachers Distributing Ur Test Papers In Front Of Ur Juniors

(9) Crossing bridges

crossing bridges when you come to them, exploiting opportunities when they come your way, are the real secrets of success in the present world.

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(10) A Man Walking Down A Street He

A Man Walking Down A Street Heard A Voice
If U Take 1 More Step
A Brick Will Fall Down & Kill U
He Stopped & A Brick Fell Before Him
He Went On While crossing Road
He Heard Again Stop Just A Car Missed Him

Man Asked:

I M Ur Guardian Angel

Man Said:
Where Were U When I Was Getting Married

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