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(1) To live a life, we need:1. Bra

To live a life, we need:

1. Brain

2. Intelligence

3. knowledge

4. Expression

5. Looks

6. Luck


I salute YOU....

for managing Without these:-

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(2) Our beloved proph

Our beloved prophet MUHAMMAD (SAWW) was BORN on 22/April/571 at 4:45am.

Total No. Of days of his life:

22330 days (63yrs 4days).

No. of days of his prophethood: 8156 days (23yrs).

please forward this basic knowledge to every muslim as more as u can.....!! I LOVE "MUHAMMAD" (S.A.W.W)

(3) Beloved Prophet M

Beloved Prophet



21/April/571 AD

12/Rabi-ul-Awwal At 4:45 A.M On monday

At Makka

Total No. Of Days Of His Life:

22330 Days

(63 Years, 4 Days)

No. Of Days of His Prophet Hood:

8156 Days


Please Spread This Basic knowledge

To Every Muslim

As More As U Can.Ã.¤)

(4) The way you teach

The way you teach.

The knowledge you share.

The care you take.

The love you shower.

Makes you.

The worldââ.¬â.¢s best teacher.

Happy Teacherââ.¬â.¢s Day!

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(5) Acknowledge that

Acknowledge that you failed,

draw your lessons from it,

and use it to your advantage

to make sure it never happens again.

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(6) The difference be

The difference between a successful person and others

is not a lack of strength,

not a lack of knowledge,

but rather in a lack of will.

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(7) Can I be happy fo

Can I be happy forever

can I be enthusiastic ever?

Can I live freely without pain

Can I think other than my gain,

Can I spread the happiness around

Can I be on the top of this world?

Can I be successful for long

can I pull out my wayââ.¬â.¢s throne?

Can I live the way I feel

can I solve the matters I deal,

Can I feel the bliss of life

Can I be the blossom for a while,

Can my life be always in style

can I have the reason to smile?

Can I manage everything with just

Can I win the battle of heart,

Can I extract most out of relations?

Can I respect the hearty emotions?

Can I feel elated someday?

Can I make better every day?

Can I fulfill my greatest desire

Can I make my knowledge a reservoir,

Can I hope towards the best future

can I have the talent to nurture,

But I feel fortunate that I know-

I will make the things in tune

Only if I Think ââ.¬Å.I CANââ.¬Â.

(8) A Test Of Ur Gene

A Test Of Ur General knowledge

Rewrite The Following In Correct Order.

1-Nepasnr (A Tool)

2-Meor (A City)

3-Eposgl (A Holy Book)

4-Diotrua (A Profession)

5-Orlyr (A Vehicle)

6-Umecrcbu (A Vegetable)

7-Lutervu (A Bird)

8-Spaw (An Insect)

9-Leemtp (A Part Of Body)

10- Ewfi(A Relation)

Reply Must

(9) Hazrat ALI(R.A)Sa

Hazrat ALI(R.A)Say;

log kehty hi,


yateen wo hi,

jis ka,


nahi hi,


main kehta ho

k yateem,

wo hi`,


k pas "knowledge"

nahi hi,

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(10) "Da'a ilallahi fa

"Da'a ilallahi fal mustamsi koona bihi"

"Mustamsi koona bi hablin ghayri munfasimi".

He called us to the path of Allah, and those who cling to him

Have held the rope of Allah so tight, that it would never break.

"Faqan nabiyyina fi khalqiw-wa fi khuluqin"

"Wa lam yudaanuhu fi 'ilmiw-wa la karami".

He surpasses all the Prophets in khalq (creation/EXTERNAL appearance) and in khuluq (characters/inte
al apprearance)

None could reach his rank in knowledge (ilm) and in generosity (karam).

"Famablaghul 'ilmi feehi annahu basharun"

"Wa annahu khayru khalqillahi kullihimi".

Our utmost knowledge about him says that he is a bashar (human being)

He is the most distinguished and the best, out of all of Creation

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