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(1) Ab darindo se na

Ab darindo se na Haiwanon se dar lagta hai,

Kya zamana hai k insanon se dar lagta hai,

izzat-e-nafs kisi shakhs ki mehfooz nahi,

Ab to apney hi nigehbano se dar lagta hai,

Khoon rezi ka yeh aalam hai ALLAH khair karay,

"Ab Musalmano ko Musalmano se darr lagta Hai"..

(2) Ab darindon se na

Ab darindon se na haywano se dar lgta hai,

Kiya zamana hai k insaano se dar lagta hai.

izzat-e-nafs kisi shakhs ki mehfooz nahi,

Ab to apne hi negehbanon se dar lagta hai.

Khoon rezij ka yeh aalam hai Khuda khair krey,

Ab Musalmano ko Musalmano se dar lagta hai.

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