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(1) Science proved it

Science proved it:

Ã.¤Sajda KaRNay say nigha taiz,

demag taqat war,


Chehra haséen hota hai.

spread it if u can.


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(2) Science proved it

Science proved it:

Ã.¤Sijda KaRNay say nigha taiz,

demag taqat war,


Chera haséen hota hai.

spread it if you can..


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(3) A scientist "Jame

A scientist "James Pares" from UK proved that electric charge is produced in human body due to the electromagnetic radiations from electrical appliances around us such as "mobiles,TV,computer,lights ^ electric wires etc" n if u want to protect yourself from these radiations, u should more than once in a day place your forehead on the ground "Sajda" because earth has a good tendency 2 absorb charge.


(4) Kerry Lugar Bill:

Kerry Lugar Bill:

1. Army Will Not Interfere in Politics.

2. Army's Major Postings will be approved by US.

3. There will not be restrictions to US citizens in Pak. (Black Water)

4. There will be access of US to any person related to Nuclear Energy. (Dr. A.Q Khan)

5. Aid will be given to persons, not Pak Gove

This is Price of our Integrity.

$1.5 Billion.

Oppose It.

(5) Six Brilliant Dou

Six Brilliant Doubts !

1. If all the nations in the world are in debt,where did all the money go?

2. When dog food is new with improved taste,who testsd it?

3. If the "black box" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash,why isn't the whole airplane made out of that stuff?

4. Who copyrighte the copyright symbol?

5. Can you cry under water?

6. Why do people say "you've been working like a dog" while dogs just sit around all day.@

(6) A study has prove

A study has proved that all fools use their THUMB while reading a SMS.

Now its 2 late dont try 2 change ur finger! Catch another fool!

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(7) NEWS 4 ALL With l


With latest research it has been proved that the rate of brain tumours has increased rapidly in the 21st century. The main reason being that people sleep with their cellphones beneath their pillows. Due to which RADIO ACTIVE waves continously attack our brain forming a toumor in brain. So please please keep ur sellphones away from ur pillows:

Forward to every one on ur list.Do not let ego prevent you from saving lives.

(8) science haz prove

science haz proved that SugaR melts in plzzzz...DONT walk in rain ..otherwize i wil lose such a sWEEt friend like U..!!

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(9) The Scientist has

The Scientist has proved that,

The Voice which Comes from Heartbeat is

ââ.¬Å.Lub Dubââ.¬Å.

But Now they ******yze that, It is

ââ.¬Å.Rub Rubââ.¬Å.

RUB is an Arabic word which means 1 who Made Each and Everything in the Universe, And who has the Command on Everything.

That is ââ.¬Å.ALLAHââ.¬Å.

So it means Every Heartbeat says:


Please Spread This Everywhereââ.¬Â


`.Ã.¸.Ã.´ Lover

Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.¨) Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.¨)

(Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´ (Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´ .ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´ Ã.¸Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.¨Ã.¯`ââ.¬Â¢


(10) :Looo g study ka

:Looo g study ka masla to solv ho gya. . .

Eq. # 1

Study=Don't fail

Eq. # 2

Don't study=Fail

Adding eq.1 & eq.2

Study+don't study

=fail+don't fail

Taking common on both sides


= fail(1+don't)

By cancellation;

study = fail

Then y waste time..?

Enjoy ur life..

proved By:

PROF: Umar

Noble Prize expected in 2011-Ã.¤

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