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(1) Do u know d speci

Do u know d speciality of ths new year?

It strts with monday & ends also on monday

nd No public holidays on sundays.

This year has got highest number

of sundays and saturdays.

So enjoy the least working year in your life!!

2007- a year with a difference.


(2) rozana muth marna

rozana muth MaRNay say perhaiz kerein yad rekhein k ******jandaar to merd shandaar aur biwi rahay emandaar! public service message by..... hakeem fraz

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(3) Happy anti tobaco

Happy anti tobaco and anti smoking day.31 may 2009.

Smoking is gud 4 health,,so..carry on
This public service message is brought to u by sOnIa@

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(4) We as Students Co

We as Students Condemn the Suicide Attack in IIU Islambad.

Its Time to take stand by all the students at single plateform against terrorist activities in Educational Institutes by US, India and Israel.

May Allah Accept the Shahadat of killed Students.


Talba-o-Talibaat Islamic Republic Of Pakistan.

(5) This SMS has been

This SMS has been flagged inappropriate and may contain text or image unsuitable for public view.

Are you sure you want to see it?

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(6) A new vaccum sale

A new vaccum salesman knocked on da door!
A lady opened it!
Before she could speak, da salesman rushed into da living room and emptied a bag of cow shit.
Salesman: Madam if I c0uldn't clean dis up with my new powerful vaccum cleaner in next 10 sec, i'll EAT all this Shit!

Lady: Do U need Chilli Sauce with that?

Salesman: Y Madam?

Lady: Becuz there's no electricty in house!

MORAL: ziyada over nhi hona chaye

public SERVICE MSG BY WAPDAon the carpet

(7) I am a great frie

I am a great friend to public amusements, for they keep the people from vice.

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(8) 10 Ways To Earn H

10 Ways To EARN Hasanaat..

1) Give A Copy Of The Qurââ.¬â.¢an To Someone,Each Time They Read From

It,U Gain.

2) Donate A Wheelchair To A Hospital,Each Time A Sick Person Uses It,U Gain.

3) Share Constructive Reading Material.

4) Help In Educating A Child.

5) Teach Someone To

Recite A Duââ.¬â.¢a,Each Time They Recite,U Gain.

6) Share A Duââ.¬â.¢a Or Qurââ.¬â.¢an CD.

7) Participate

In Building A Masjid.

Place A Water Cooler In A public Place.

9) Plant A Tree.Each Time

Any Person Or Animal Sits In Its Shade Or Eats From The Tree,U Gain.

10) Share This Msg Wid

As Many People As Possible,If One Person Applies Any Of Above U Ll Get Hasanaat Til De Day

Of Judgement.


`.Ã.¸.Ã.´ lover

Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.¨) Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.¨)

(Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´ (Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´ .ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´ Ã.¸Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.¨Ã.¯`ââ.¬Â¢


(9) Once Rakhi Sawant

Once Rakhi Sawant Goes To LIC Office.

Rakhi Mujhe Apni Body Ka Insurance KaRNa Hai.

Officer- Sorry Madam Hum

public Property Per Insurance Nahi Karte.

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(10) Load shedding k f

Load shedding k fawaid:

Generator, UPS or Candle walon ko rozgar ki farahmi.

Bijli ka bill kam se kam,

Mobile Charge no hony se balance or Time Saving.

TV na dekhne se gunahon main kami.

Sabar ka
e se Jannat main jany k ziyada imkanaat.

A public Service Message is brought to you by KESC


`.Ã.¸.Ã.´ LoVeR

Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.¨) Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.¨)

(Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´ (Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´ .ââ.¬Â¢Ã.´ Ã.¸Ã.¸.ââ.¬Â¢Ã.¨Ã.¯`ââ.¬Â¢


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