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(1) “M

ââ.¬Å.MOHABBATââ.¬ÂÃ¢â.¬ÂCHAHATââ.¬ÂÃ¢â.¬ÂWAFAââ.¬Â kuch bhi nahi ââ.¬Å.ZINDAGIââ.¬Â ghum k siwa kuch bhi nahi, ââ.¬Å.TUMHARYââ.¬Â pas mery siwa sub kuch hai ââ.¬Å.MERYââ.¬Â pas tumhary ââ.¬Å.SIWAââ.¬Â kuch bhi nahi.

(2) Abbas (A.S) K Par

Abbas (A.S) K Parcham Se Shifa Manga Karo

Shabbeer (A.S) K Sadqay Sadda Manga Karo

Agar chahatay Ho Ghazi (A.S) Razi Rahay Tum Se

Sakeena (S.A) K Waseelay Se Dua Manga Karo

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(3) Woh Jo Rangeen Hu

Woh Jo Rangeen Huwa Khoon e Shabbeer (A.S) Se

Aasman Se Bhi Uncha Woh Parcham Karo

Karbala Se Yehi Aa Rahi Hai Sada

Zindagi chahatay Ho Toa Matam Karo

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(4) Gham Ka Ilaj Is K

Gham Ka Ilaj Is K Siwa Aur Kuch Nahi

Khak e Shifa Hai Meri Dawa Aur Kuch Nahi

Ghurbat Ki Taiz Dhoop Se Bachnay K Wastay

Parhtay Raho Hadees e Qisa Aur Kuch Nahi

Maal e Khadeeja (S.A) Zarb e Ali (A.S) Sajda e Hussain (A.S)

Islam Mein Bas Is K siwa Aur Kuch Nahi

Gar chahatay Ho Fatima (S.A) Aayein Bahisht Se

Ghar Mein Bichha Do Farsh e Aza Aur Kuch Nahi

Us Ne Kaha K Deen Ki Tareekh Puri Likh

Main Ne Faqat Hussain (A.S) Likha Aur Kuch Nahi

(5) main chahata bhi

main chahata bhi yahi tha vo bevafa nikale

use samajhane ka koi to silsila nikale

kitab-e-maazi ke auraq ulat ke dekh zara

na jane kaun sa safah muda hua nikale

jo dekhane men bahut hi qarib lagata hai

usi ke bare men socho to fasala nikale

(6) Azeem Hain Yeh Qu

Azeem Hain Yeh Qurbat Ki Dooriyan

Sath Reh Kar Bhi Us Ko Na Pana Kaisa Lagta Hai

Qismat Mein Nahi Phir Bhi Us Ko chahatay Hain

Yun Samjh Kar Kanton Per Chalna Kaisa Lagta Hai

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(7) Aaj Udas Hoon Toa

Aaj Udas Hoon Toa Zamana Mujhay Phoochhnay Aaya

Magar Jis Pe Tha Sadiyon Ka Bharam Woh Nahi Aaya

Woh Toa Ek Khawab Tha Toot Gaya Bikhar Gaya

Aaj Udas Lamhon Mein Phir Kyun Mujhay Woh Yaad Aaya

Zindagi Ki Musafat K Woh Chend Din Jo Guzar Chukay Hain

Na Hi Un Pe Urooj Aaya Aur Na Hi Un Pe Zawaal Aaya

Bhoolna chahata Hoon Har Lamha Har Waqt Jo Guzar Gaya Hai

Jitna Bhi Roka Woh Waqt Utna Meray Sath Chala Aaya

Guzra Huwa Kal Na Tha Mera Na Hai Mera Aur Na Ho Ga Kabhi

Yeh Main Janta Hoon Magar Phir Bhi Na Dil Ko Qaraar Aaya

Woh Waday Teray Woh Qasmein Woh Sab Yaad Hain Mujhay

Magar Phir Bhi Kabhi Tum Ko Mera Dil Na Bhula Paya

Aana Parast Thay Tum Toa Khudaar Tha Main Bhi

Yeh Rishta Hi Hamaray Darmiyan Na Raas Aaya

Us Ki Muskurahat Meray Liye Ek Faraib Thi

Main Tha Nadan Dil Mera Usay Na Samjh Paya

(8) Agar Main Bata Do

Agar Main Bata Doon Main Kya chahata Hoon

Nazron Se Apni Gira Toa Na Do Gay

Jo Main chahata Hoon Woh Tum Tab Bhi Na Chaho

Mujhay Koi Kari Si Saza Toa Na Do Gay

Main Mohabbaton Mein Jabar Ka Qaiyal Nahi Hoon

Dil Laga Kar Mujh Ko Bhula Toa Na Do Gay

Jo Main Bata Doon Meray Man Mein Kya Hai

Tum Jahan Mein Tamasha Bana Toa Na Do Gay

Darta Hoon Tum Se Main Raaz e Dil Sunatay

Tum Hansi Mein Baat Ura Toa Na Do Gay

Agar Main Bata Doon Main Kya chahata Hoon

Wafaon K Badlay Jafa Toa Na Do Gay

Aur Mujh Hi Se Daman Chhura Toa Na Lo Gay

(9) Aye waqt zara tu

Aye waqt zara tu tham ja,

Mujhe yaad ââ.¬Å.KISIââ.¬Â ko ka
e de,

Mujhe pyar hai ek ââ.¬Å.SUNG DILââ.¬Â se,

Jo koi ââ.¬Å.BAATââ.¬Â mujhe na ka
e de,

Na apne ââ.¬Å.PAASââ.¬Â woh aane de,

Na khud se ââ.¬Å.DOORââ.¬Â woh jane de,

Na ââ.¬Å.DILââ.¬Â ko apne paas rakhe,

Na aur kisi ka ââ.¬Å.HONEââ.¬Â de,

Har waqt mujhe ââ.¬Å.WOHââ.¬Â yaad aaye,

Phir ââ.¬Å.DILââ.¬Â se ek awaaz aaye,

Yeh kaisi ââ.¬Å.CHAHATââ.¬Â hai us ki,

Jo ââ.¬Å.JEENEââ.¬Â de na ââ.¬Å.MARNEââ.¬Â de.

(10) Small love story

Small love story

Gali se ek ladki guzra karti thi

Uske chehre par naqab hua karta tha

Phir bhi us par ek ladka marta tha

Shayad woh use dilo jaan se chahata tha

Woh use baar baar kehta

"Muh se naqaab hata do apna chaand sa mukhda dekha do".

Par ladki ne muh se naqaab na hataya Ladke ko apna chehra na


Kayi din beet gaye ladki ko woh ladka nazar na aaya

Ladki kuch pareshan si rehne lagi

Kisi tarah poochte poochte woh uske ghar pohochi.

Padosiyon ne kaha " Mohtarma, aap ko aane main thodi der ho gaye us

deewane ke to saat roz pehle hi maut ho gaye".

Padosi ne apna farz nibhaya ladki ko ladke ki qabr tak pohochaya,

Ladki zor zor se rone lagi apne aansuon se qabr ko dhone lagi

Tabhi kabar se ek aawaz aayi....

"Waqt waqt ke baat hai pehle tumhare chehre par naquab tha aur aaj

humare chehre par hai

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