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(1) Life is test. Isl

Life is test. Islam is best. Namaz is must. Aakhirat is for rest. World is only dust. If QURAN is in chest, nothing need next. Obey ALLAH with Love of MUHAMMAD(PBUH) 4 Success must.

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(2) Types of Girls (

Types of Girls ( Computer Humor ) CD-ROM GIRLS She is always faster and faster EMAIL GIRLS Every ten things she says, eight are nonsense HARD DISK GIRLS She remembers everything, FOREVER INTERNET GIRLS Difficult to access MULTIMEDIA GIRLS She make horrible thing look beautiful SCREENSAVER GIRLS She is good for nothing but at least she is fun RAM GIRLS She forget about you, the moment TURN her off WINDOW GIRLS Everyone know that she can"t do a thing right, but no one can live with out her VIRUS GIRLS Also known as "wife"" when you are not expecting her, she comes, install herself and uses all your resources. If you try to uninstall her you will lose something, if don"t try you uninstall her you will lose everything SERVER GIRLS Always busy when you need her

(3) "GöÃÂ

"GööD Mö
"""JUST 4 U"
""MUST 4 U"
""FIRST 4 U"

"nothing 2 Wish"
"nothing 2 Say"
"Always b HAPPY"
"Its my Pray"
"Hav a nice day"

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(4) Beautiful Prayer

Beautiful Prayer

" O God, when I lose hope because my plans have come to nothing...

Then help me to remember that,

Your Love is always greater than my disappointments,


Your Plans for my life are always better than my dreams.."



(5) Doctor"s prescrip

Doctor"s prescription 4 u. A cute little smile 4 breakfast. More laughs 4 lunch. Lots of happiness for dinner. Doctor"s fee? An sms when u r free

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if doctor is cute, forget the fruit.

u r genius, ur mind is a master piece.It is divided into left and right.In the left part nothing is right and in right part nothing is left.

(6) How does one know

How does one know if she has forgiven? You tend to feel sorrow over the circumstance instead of rage, you tend to feel sorry for the person rather than angry with him. You tend to have nothing left to say about it all.

(7) I'm sorry for bla

I'm sorry for blaming you...

For everything I just couldn't doââ.¬Â

And I've hurt myself by hurting youââ.¬Â

There's nothing I wouldn't do to hear your voice againââ.¬Â

Sometimes, I want to call you, but I know you won't be thereââ.¬Â

It's hard to say goodbye when i .

(8) Man sees Sardar-G

Man sees Sardar-G

standing in d middle of

a huge field of grass

& notices,

He is just standing dere,

doing nothing,

looking @ nothing

Man asks: Sardar-G

what r U doing ?

Sardar-G: Iââ.¬â.¢m trying 2

win a noble prize

Man: How?

Sardar-G: Well I heard

they give d noble prize

2 ppl who r

outstanding in their field

(9) Life is Test,Isla

Life is Test,Islam is best,

Life is Test,Islam is best, Namaz is must,Aakhrut is for rest,World is only dust, If Quran is in chest,nothing need next, Obey ALLAH first. 1st success wil b next.

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(10) some thing can no

some thing can not be described....

some thing can not be described......

some moments can not be shared......

some feelings can not be explained....

some words can not be described.....

but.....nothing can be hidden from a true friend..

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