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(1) Sindhi lawyer: Case-wani Sind

Sindhi Lawyer: Case-wani
Sindhi Lawyer After A Case: Purse-wani
The Blue-skier Sindhi : Akash-wani
Supplied In South Indian Hospitals: Nursing Gum
Desi Who Falls At People's Feet: Charan Singh
Desi Who Falls At Peopls' Feet And Stays There: Gir Charan Singh

(6) Ek larki thi deewani si ek SIN

Ek Larki Thi Deewani Si Ek SINDHI Per Woh Marti Thi,

Her Waqt yehi Pocha Kerti Thi K Tum Mujhe DATE Per Kab Le Jao Gay?

Per Woh Larka yahi Jawab Deta Tha.

BILL Tuhnjo BABO Dendo Chha?

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(4) A cell with sindhi language:

A Cell With Sindhi Language :

MSG: Nayapo

SMS: Nandho Nayapo

TONES: Ghantiyoon


CALL: Sadh Karais

OFF: Band Karays

NO REPLY: Mari Wayen Chha??

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(3) Girls in different languages,

Girls In Different Languages ,

Arabic : HURMA


French : FURE


Italian : AMITO

Mexican : MONARO

Germen: AMISA



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(9) A Sindhi lawyer?: Case-wani

A Sindhi Lawyer?:

A Sindhi Lawyer After A Case?:

A Blue-skier Sindhi ?:

What Is A Communist Sindhi Called ?
Lalwani .

What Is A Sindhi Who Falls From The First Floor Called ?
Thadani .

What Is A Sindhi Who Falls From The 17th. Floor Called ?
Kriplani .

What Is A Sindhi Who Falls From The 30th. Floor Called ?

What Is The Most Noteworthy Contribution Of The Sindhi s' To Hindustani Music?
Raga Kirvani.

A God Fearing Sindhi ?
Bhagwandas Godwani

A Sindhi Painter?

A Sindhi Chef?
Papadmull Kukreja

A Sindhi Electrician?
Voltram Bijlani

A Fashionable Sindhi ?
Jogio Armani

A Sindhi Milkman?
Gopal Dudeja

A Heroic Sindhi Soldier?
Hiroo Sipahimalani

A Sindhi Pest Control Contractor?
Khatmull Marwani

A Sindhi Stripper Working In New York?
Barbra Jhangiani

A Sindhi Casanova?
Prem Kissinchandani

A Sindhi Fire-engine?

A Sindhi Detergent?
Neelam Rindani

A Sindhi Postman?

A Forgetful Sindhi ?
Bulo Bhulchandani

A Fashionable Sindhi ?

A Fat Sindhi ?

A Sindhi Fly?

A Downtrodden Sindhi ?

A Corrupt Sindhi ?

Why Are A Sindhi s Nostrils Big?
Because The Air Is Free.

(14) A man try to sell viagra to a

A Man Try To Sell Viagra To A Sindhi Bhai,

"No, Not Worth It Sai!"

"OK, How About 500 Rupees?"

"No, Not Worth It Sai!"

"OK, 200?"

"No, Not Worth It!"

"How About 100?"

"No, Not Worth It!"

"Listen, These Pills Cost $10 American Each. How Can you Say They Are Not Worth It?"

"Ade Baba, The Pills Are Worth It, It's My Wife Is Not Worth It."

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