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(1) There is this ben

There Is This Benefit In Brag, That The Speaker Is Unconsciously Expressing His Own Ideal. Humor Him By All Means; Draw It All Out, And Hold Him To It.

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(5) A joke is an epig

A Joke Is An Epigram On The Death Of A Feeling .

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(3) f I had no sense

f I Had No Sense Of Humor, I Would Long Ago Have Committed Suicide.

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(2) Humor is an affir

Humor Is An Affirmation Of Dignity, A Declaration Of Man's Superiority To All That Befalls Him.

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(4) A humorist is a p

A Humorist Is A Person Who Feels Bad, But Who Feels Good About It.

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(3) A jest often deci

A Jest Often Decides Matters Of Importance More Effectual And Happily Than Seriousness.

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(3) Humor has been a

Humor Has Been A Fashioning Instrument In America , Cleaving Its Way Through The National Life, Holding Tenaciously To The Spread Elements Of That Life. Its Mode Has Often Been Swift And Coarse And Ruthless, Beyond Art And Beyond Established Civilization. It Has Engaged In Warfare Against The Established Heritage, Against The Bonds Of Pioneer Existence. Its Objective --the Unconscious Objective Of A Disunited People --has Seemed To Be That Of Creating Fresh Bonds, A New Unity, The Semblance Of A Society And The Rounded Completion Of An America n Type.

(4) Good humor isn't

Good Humor Isn't A Trait Of Character , It Is An Art Which Requires Practice

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(3) The role of a com

The Role Of A Comedian Is To Make The Audience Laugh, At A Minimum Of Once Every Fifteen Seconds.

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(4) All my humor is b

All My Humor Is Based Upon Destruction And Despair. If The Whole World Were Tranquil, Without Disease And Violence, I'd Be Standing On The Breadline Right In Back Of J. Edgar Hoover.

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